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Tailor-made trips in Mexico with a local agency.

Terra Maya, your tailor-made travel agency in Mexico

Terra Maya is an incoming travel agency based in Mexico whose goal is to organize authentic trips that include visits of iconic sites as well as activities off the beaten tracks. There are a thousand different ways to create a trip around a theme that best reflects what you’re looking for (culture, relaxation, adventure, encounters, fauna and flora, art…). We are here to help you design your custom-made trip.

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Get to know Terra Maya

Terra Maya's travel consultants are based in Merida, Yucatán. As true experts on Mexico, they are best placed to help you plan your itinerary.

Our trips to Mexico

Discover our selection of experiences in Mexico. Discovery tours, exceptional itineraries, adventure trips, all are flexible and will adapt to your desires and expectations. Then trust our team of local experts to create your own tailor-made trip.

Opinions of our travelers to Mexico

Find the opinions of travellers who trust us. On their return, we collect their impressions and testimonials about their trip with Terra Maya and its organization by our agency.

Mexico travel blog and local news

News from Mexico, daily news from our travel agency, stories from our team in the field, follow us on our travel blog.

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