Our team of travel experts based in Merida, Mexico

Terra Maya is a local travel agency based in Merida, Mexico.

Terra Maya, our travel agency in Mexico is based in Merida. Real Mexico experts, our advisers will organize with you a tailor-made tour adapted to your profile.

Follow our adventures in the field!

Always on the lookout for novelties, our team shares their field explorations with you!

Meet our team

Our team of Mexico experts are available to organize with you a tailor-trip to Mexico that matches your needs and profile.

Adelind comes to us from Angers, he’s the youngest member of the Terra Maya team. After a first experience in Malaysia, he realizes his dream of discovering Latin America. It is during an internship during his master’s degree in tourism that he will set foot for the first time on Mexican soil and at Terra Maya, 1 year ago. Franco-German, he is in charge of developing the German market. Passionate about sports and adventure, he hasn’t finished discovering all that Mexico has to offer! His favourite playground? Chiapas, which he explores in every nook and cranny. Falling in love with the country and a Mexican girl, he will make you discover with passion his new adopted country.


Good plan of a local

Meet the locals for an even more authentic experience!




Southern Chiapas and the border with Guatemala.



Anything to eat or drink?

The barbacoa, a dish from central Mexico based on mutton cooked on embers. Originally, barbacoa was a way of cooking the meat, very slowly, by smothering it in a hole dug in the ground. Very tasty!




The diversity of landscapes from one region to another.

Originally from Mexico City, Claudia has been working in tourism for 20 years. She is one of the pillars of Terra Maya. She lived 5 years in Paris and masters French perfectly. Very experienced and passionate about her country, she will know how to organize a trip that will meet your expectations. No challenge frightens her!


Good plan of a room

Daring new experiences, Mexico offers countless possibilities!




The region of Oaxaca with its markets, its colors, its mountains, its handicrafts and its gastronomic richness.



A dish, a drink?

The enchiladas potosinas. Prepared from corn paste with chili, it gives them their emblematic red color. They are served with fresh cheese, onion, fresh cream, lettuce and guacamole. Their flavour is very refined!




The diversity of activities: from the desert to the mountains, through the sea …


Reservations & Operations

Originally from the Southern Alps, Corentin is a true Mexican at heart. Arrived in Mexico to write a dissertation on ecotourism, he settles down for good and has no plans to leave again! Fascinated by the customs and traditions of this country, he is very involved in local life. He finds himself very much in Mexican culture and wishes today to share his attachment to the country.


Good plan of a local

Discover Sisal, a small village little known to tourists on the Yucatan coast. Sisal offers a variety of activities such as fishing, snorkeling and flamingo watching.




The south of Quintana Roo and its Mayan villages full of traditions such as Felipe Carrillo Puerto.


A dish, a drink?

La cochinita pibil. It is a stew made from pork marinated in achiote, wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked in an earth oven for several hours. A great classic of Yucatan cuisine!




The different ethnic groups present in Mexico with their own languages, rituals and traditions.


Administration & Accounting

Originally from Mérida, Gaspar is a pure Yucatèque. Proud to be Mexican, Gaspar speaks about his country with admiration and pleasure. He has been working at Terra Maya as an accountant for 3 years. His rigour and organisation are essential to the smooth running of the company.
Very loyal to his country of origin, he hopes that all travellers can fully enjoy all the treasures Mexico has to offer.


Good plan of a local

Open up to Mexican culture: visit libraries, taste the gastronomy, visit museums …




Colonial cities, full of history and remarkable architecture!



A dish, a drink?

Bistec con papas, steak with Mexican red sauce accompanied by chopped potatoes. A very simple and economical dish that will satisfy all palates!




The history of Mexico is very rich with the Maya people, an ancient civilization originating from Yucatán.

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