Surprise Box – Mexican delights

A gastronomic surprise in Mexico

Let your taste buds transport you and surprise you throughout Mexico. There’s definitely something for all tastes!

🌿 Sharing a moment of complicity with the locals as you discover and learn about their gastronomic culture.
🌿 Immerse yourself in the heart of Mexican flavors and smells, awakening your senses guaranteed!
🌿 Discover new taste sensations, let yourself be surprised and give your palate a little spice.

Length of stay: 6 days

Kind: Terra Secreta Collection

Fix: Easy

Countries visited: Mexico

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Day 1 : For the family...

This morning, your guide will meet you at the hotel to accompany you on this human experience.

Depart for a small village to enjoy a day of exchanges and discoveries at the heart of Yucatecan culture.

We won’t tell you any more about it, it’s a day of sharing and learning through cooking!


Approximate duration: 4 hours

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Day 2 : Food of the gods

Today you’ll discover the food of the Mayan gods… We can’t tell you more.

Let yourself be carried away.

Duration: 2 hours

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Day 3 : A Yucatecan experience

Today you’ll discover the capital of Yucatan in an original way.

Different places, different flavors, but always the same atmosphere!

Follow the guide!


Duration: 3 hours.

Note 1: don’t eat before this activity.

Note 2 : activity for over 18s.

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Day 4 : The creator inside you...

This fun activity is for the curious and the epicurean… or should we say the epicurean?

Get creative and surprise your taste buds!


Duration: 2 hours.

Note: activity for over 18s.

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Day 5 : An exceptional tasting experience

This evening, enjoy dinner at one of the region’s finest restaurants and let yourself be impressed!

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Day 6 : At the very heart of local flavours

This morning, you’ll join your guide for a tour full of color and flavor.

On the program: cultural discoveries and a feast for all 5 senses!


Duration: 1H30

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