Surprise Box – As the water flows

A surprise stay in Mexico around water

Mexico is a nautical paradise: waterfalls, cenotes, Pacific coast, Caribbean coast, lagoons of all kinds… There’s plenty to surprise you, so get in the deep end!

🌿 Discover Mexico’s most beautiful beaches and natural wonders.
🌿 Dive straight into a world of paradise, transparent waters and blue skies. Relaxation guaranteed!
🌿 Where there’s water, there’s flora and fauna, so keep your eyes wide open both under and above the water…

Length of stay: 5 days

Kind: Terra Secreta Collection

Fix: Easy

Countries visited: Mexico

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Day 1 : A mangrove paradise

We’re off today for a sporty morning that will take us to one of the most beautiful mangrove sites in the Yucatán! Bring a swimsuit and something to protect you from the sun.


Duration: approx. 6 hours including travel Option included: boat + kayak

Option included: local English-speaking guide

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Day 2 : Tulum in all its glory

Today, we’ll be admiring the archaeological site of Tulum from a very unusual vantage point!

Bring a bathing suit and sun protection.


Approximate duration: 1h30

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Day 3 : A magical night in a mysterious place

Discover one of Mexico’s most beautiful lagoons at the most magical time of the day.


Note: Please note that the guide does not provide plastic bottles for water, in line with new measures to protect the lagoon’s special ecosystem. Purified water is available to fill your water bottles.

Approximate duration: 4 hours

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Day 4 : The extraordinary island

Tonight we’ll be amazed by nature


Approximate duration: 1 hour

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Day 5 : Sailing between paradise islands

Explore the landscape between mangroves and beaches.


To avoid sunburn, don’t forget a hat and sun protection (clothing is ecologically preferable to sunscreen).


Approximate duration: 3 hours

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