Terra Secreta Collection

Live every moment of your trip as a new discovery

What makes the biggest impression on you during a trip? The unexpected, the surprises, the impromptu discoveries, the unplanned experiences, the unforeseen encounters…
The unexpected gives rise to the most intense emotions, the most memorable memories.
The agencies of the Panamerica tribe launch Terra Secreta. A bold, original collection that positions us as strong, innovative players in the tourism industry.


What is Panamerica’s Terra Secreta Collection?

As the name suggests, it’s a secret journey 🤫
You, the traveler, know your destination country, but your itinerary is unknown. You’ll discover it little by little, over the course of your stay. You have a perfect grasp of the important aspects of travel, such as comfort, pace, type of activity and so on. The only thing you don’t know is exactly where you’re going, which hotels you’ll be staying in and what you’ll be doing! It’s an ideal experience for travelers with a taste for adventure and the unexpected. You’ll experience every moment of your trip as a complete discovery, or make a loved one live the experience by offering them the surprise trip they never dared imagine.
All our Terra Secreta trips are tailor-made to suit the tastes and expectations of our travelers, whether young or old, solo, with family, as a couple or with friends.


How does Terra Secreta Collection work?

We offer two types of surprise trips:

  1. 100% Mystery Tour: the entire program is unknown and to be discovered during your trip. The traveler knows the destination country, but not the itinerary (or even the regions visited).
  2. Our Surprise Boxes: as with our regular itineraries, the framework of the trip is known, but several surprise experiences spice up your trip. You have some “practical” indications, but you don’t know what you’re going to do. The Boxes surprises are themed, and you can choose one or more Boxes to match your desires.

Complete our online form here

Thanks to your answers, we’ll know you (almost) by heart and know what your expectations are for this trip.

After analyzing your answers, one of our travel designers will contact you by phone to get to know you and discuss your trip together, so as to make you a proposal. Whether it’s a 100% mystery holiday or a classic itinerary full of surprise Boxes, our proposals will reveal only the essentials to guarantee the element of surprise and excitement!


That’s it, you’ve validated your ideal trip, we’re done! All that remains is to pay a deposit of 30% to confirm your stay. ✅

30 days before your arrival, we’ll send you practical advice and information to help you prepare for your trip without a hitch (emergency contacts, meeting point on arrival, essentials to pack, cost of living, etc.).

The day before your departure, we’ll send you an e-mail to wish you a safe journey to your destination. We’ll be in touch as soon as you arrive, and are available by phone 24/7 for the entire duration of your stay.

On the day of your arrival, a surprise awaits you in your hotel with the program for the first few days. The rest of the trip will be revealed as you go along, to keep things as exciting and magical as possible!


The Terra Secreta collection is a project of the Panamerica tribe. Find the same concept in our partner destinations :
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Surprise Box – Mexican delights

6 days Terra Secreta Collection

Surprise Box – As the water flows

5 days Terra Secreta Collection
 Desert de Tanora au Mexique

Surprise Box – Fauna and Flora in Mexico

9 days Terra Secreta Collection

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