Presentation of the region

In this region we can find the states of Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Tabasco. Its biodiversity and ecosystem are some of the most startling on the planet. The natural resources, culture and traditions of these states will delight you. It features a tropical and subtropical climate, with median temperatures reaching above 25 °C (80 °F).

With countless places to discover, this area is the survival place of several species, such as manatees, spotted dolphins and whale sharks. The beaches in the state of Veracruz are known as the “Costa Esmeralda”. The area from Nautla to Tecolutla is ideal for diving, but also for sport fishing, abseiling, zip lining, rafting and kayaking.

On top of its incredible natural resources, like Chachalacas Park and Eyipantla falls, the state of Veracruz features various interesting locations: the biggest commercial port of the country, the El Tajin archaeological site, the “Voladores” of Papantla, and the Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain of Mexico.

Farther south, the state of Tabasco mixes natural sites and modernity, with the archaeological park of La Venta, the ecological park of Yumká, Kolem Jaa in Tacotalpa, the Regional Museum of Anthropology Carlos Pellicer Cámara, the Coconá caves, and the state capital Villahermosa.