Feel Good Collection

There's nothing wrong with feeling good!

After these last few months of restrictions, you must be dreaming of being pampered and getting away from the crowds.
Panamerica member Terra Maya has put together a collection of trips that combine well-being and a breath of fresh air.

The Feel Good Collection is the ideal remedy after a long period of frustration!


Trips for epicureans seeking escape and wide-open spaces:

– Journeys to relax and enjoy, with an emphasis on gastronomy, music, culture, relaxation, gentleness and local knowledge.
The pleasures of life will be at the heart of this collection.

– Journeys to get away from it all. We’ve selected stages for you to venture into lost paradises in the heart of nature.


Enjoying time away from the hustle and bustle of the world: that’s what you need after this challenging year:

Pleasurable experiences: cooking classes, tastings, gourmet picnics, gourmet restaurant, concert & traditional dance show, spa & massage.
Time to relax and rejuvenate away from the daily grind.

– Stops where you’ll feel alone in the world: national parks far from the crowds, deserted beaches, tropical forests away from the hustle and bustle of society… Wild paradises untouched by mass tourism.

Comfortable accommodation in an extraordinary natural setting: glamping in the heart of nature, ready-to-camp, tree houses, nights under the stars – let yourself be surprised!

– Activities combining gentle sport and relaxation in wide-open spaces: beach, yoga, short hikes, kayaking, horseback riding, sailing, wildlife watching – there’s something for everyone.

– A slower pace of travel: you can take your time and avoid the rush.


We’ve missed you all these months. More than ever, we’ll be taking care of you. Here are a few examples of our “Feel Good little extras”:

  • 24-hour VIP assistance from our on-site teams before, during and after your trip.
  • Massage, restaurant, baby sitting, last-minute picnic? We’ll take care of everything!
  • What documents do I need to fill in before returning home? Our advisors can help you with all the paperwork before your return flight (bording pass, migration documents, etc.).


Let go, we’ll take care of everything!

The Feel Good collection is a project of the Panamerica tribe. Find more similar tours in our partner destinations:
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Yucatán, nature and authentic encounters

16 days Feel Good Collection

Experience the delights of the Peninsula!

21 days Feel Good Collection

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