Family Adventure in Yucatan, Mexico

Our Suggested 2 Week Family Friendly Tour of the Yucatan

Get ready for adventure! Set out to experience a surprising journey full of discoveries and surprises in the land of the Mayans. As a family, solve puzzles and hunt for clues to find all the hidden treasures of the Yucatan. This holiday is a true breath of fresh air packed with incredible moments you’ll never forget.

Length of stay: 13 days

Kind: Family Fun in Mexico

Fix: For all public

Countries visited: Mexico

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Day 1 : Cancún

Cancun Arrival

Arrive at Cancun airport, then transfer to your hotel.

Welcome to Mexico, adventurers! Are you ready to experience an incredible journey, full of discoveries and wonder? During your stay, you will solve puzzles and hunt for clues to find the hidden treasures of Yucatán! Are you prepared to take up the challenge? Let’s go! An English-speaking guide will meet you, help you with paperwork and provide you with a road map. Car rental Dodge Attitude or equivalent with partial inclusive insurance.

– 7 passengers
– 2 Large pieces of luggage
– Automatic transmission
– Air Conditioning
– Double Airbag
– 11 kilometers per liter


Overnight stay at the Margaritas hotel.

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Day 2 : Cancún (Downtown)

The Pyramids of the “Black Jaguar” Ek Balam

After breakfast, travel to Ek Balam . This recently explored site remains a major discovery in Mayan archeology of the end of the twentieth century. It’s possible to climb the steps of the Pyramids and enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding jungle.

Note: entrance fees not included unless otherwise stated.

Cenote X’canche: Swim in the Forest

After lunch, take a bike tour (1.5 km, 20 minutes) from Ek Balam’s site entrance to the cenote X’canche. If luck is on your side, you might see the famous Mayan bird ‘Toh’ and its iridescent colors. At the cenote, go for a swim in this sacred place, or be adventurous and go on a zip-line or do some rappelling.

Note: Entrance not included unless otherwise stated.

The Capital of the Maya East – Valladolid

Then, travel to Valladolid, a small and authentic Mexican town that is delightful to wander around. This peaceful town, built in the sixteenth century by Francisco de Montejo is dominated by the imposing sobriety of the Franciscan convent San Bernardino de Siena. Appreciate the pretty pastel colored houses, while eating an ice cream.

Spend the night in Valladolid. Option included: Entrance fees to Xcanche.


Overnight stay at hotel Meson del Marques.

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Day 3 : Valladolid

Chichen Itza, Mayan Wonder

Today, we will be the explorers of an exceptional site: one of the 7 wonders of the world! After breakfast, head to Chichen Itza , one the seven wonders of the modern world. Built by the Maya, and then reorganized by the Toltecs, Chichen Itza symbolizes the unification of both religious cultures. The site, which at its height was the most important religious center of the peninsula, is the largest archaeological site in Yucatan.

The Yellow Town of Izamal

Today, journey to the gorgeous colonial town of Izamal , entirely painted in bright yellow. The Franciscan convent San Antonio de Padua was built on top of a Mayan ceremonial center, and is the continent’s largest cloister.

The White City of Merida

At the end of the afternoon, arrive in Merida , the capital city of Yucatan. Merida has maintained its captivating colonial charm and strong personality while enjoying great economical growth in recent years. You will find many historical monuments, churches and restaurants with both local and international food. The city is dotted with pleasant little squares which are perfect to relax in, have a drink and listen to a marimba-playing band.

Spend the evening exploring the handicrafts market which offers numerous souvenirs like renowned huipils (very colorful embroidered woman tunics), authentic Panama hats, true Yucatecan all-cotton hammocks and much more.

Evening Suggestions (free activities):

The city of Merida is lively in the evening, ideal for family outings.

– Monday – Municipal palacio: regional vaqueria 9PM
– Tuesday – Music: Santiago Park, 8:30PM
– Wednesday – Theater: different districts
– Thursday – Serenata Yucateca : Parque santa Lucia, 9PM
– Friday – Noche Romantica: Ermita de Santa Isabel : 9PM
– Saturday – Fiesta mexicana – Paseo de Montejo and City Center
– Saturday and Sunday – street orchestras : zocalo Option included : English speaking local guide in Chichen Itza Option included : Entrance fees to Chichen Itza.


Overnight stay at the hotel Casa Lucia. Luxury room with pool view.

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Day 4 : Mérida

Paradise away from Mérida

Today, board your guide’s boat that will take you to a lagoon, where you will be amazed by the nature and wildlife!

During this boat trip, participate in a treasure hunt, which will test your sense of observation and orientation. Sail in the heart of wild nature, surrounded by animals such as flamingos and cross mangroves to an ojo de agua: a source of fresh water in which you can take a refreshing break. During the journey, be vigilant to the environment around you…  clues will be hidden on both sides of the river. Solve the quest if you want to discover…the treasure!

For lunch, rest in the boat and enjoy a Mexican-style fish carpaccio.

[Click here to discover more.](

NB: Bring a swimsuit, sunscreen, hat or cap.

Another Treasure, but this time for the parents !

Tonight, have a romantic dinner at the restaurant as a couple! If you would like to spend a romantic evening together, please contact us and we will make a reservation at the restaurant near your hotel. We will also provide an English-speaking babysitter for your children at the hotel for the evening (duration: 2 hours 30 minutes).

Option included : Boat and Kayak Tour. Option included: English speaking local guide for the day.


Overnight stay at the hotel Casa Lucia. Luxury room with pool view.

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Day 5 : Mérida

Spend a Day in the Life of a Yucatecan Family

This morning, travel to the small village of Hunucma to enjoy a beautiful day of exchanges and discoveries with a Mexican family. When you arrive, meet a family member and visit the market to purchase ingredients for a Yucatecan cooking class.

With your shopping bags full, travel to the family restaurant, just outside the town, and learn how to prepare a typical dish. It will be all hands on deck to prepare the tortillas and mix spices and condiments. You’ll feel like a real chef!

As you cook, it’s time for today’s treasure hunt! Children and adults will all participate in a game that will require speed, concentration and knowledge! The reward will be a very special visit!

During the class, learn about the local production of honey. You will also have the chance to see and taste the very rare Honey Melipona Maya Bees .

PS: Those with intense bee allergies may not participate in this outing. Beekeeping clothes cannot protect 100% from a bee sting.

The beach of Sisal is only 10 minutes away if you want to take a walk or just spend time with your family and peace and tranquility in the evening. Option included: Cooking Class on the Ranch.


Overnight stay at the Ranch San Joaquin.

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Day 6 : Mérida

New Day, New Adventure!

Today, you are a detective on the hunt to learn more about Yucatan, Mexico, the Maya people, their culture and the treasures of their land! Your guide will show you the trails to follow during the day, and at the end of this adventure you will leave with a beautiful souvenir from Mexico!

Cenote Tour Off-the-Beaten-Tracks

Cenotes are natural pools of fresh and crystalline water, where the sun’s rays create spectacular lighting effects. On the way to the first cenote, stop at a typical Mayan market where the colors of fruits and vegetables are matched only by those of the women’s traditional clothing. Then, take some time to explore 2 cenotes, and take a refreshing swim in the forest. One thing is certain, you will leave completely transformed.

What could be better than having lunch with a Mayan family? After your morning swimming in cenotes, stop at Doña Ana’s house. Doña Ana is Mayan indigenous woman, who invites you into her home and shares with you the art of making handmade tortillas.

Conquer the City of Uxmal

The archaeological site is peaceful and not widely visited by tourists… You will love it! Uxmal, in the Mayan language, means “Thrice Built”, but in reality the city was constructed five times. One of the best preserved sites on the peninsula, this massive complex includes The Great Pyramid, House of the Turtles, a vast ballgame court and the Governor’s Palace. The water is really scarce in the region which explains the omnipresence of representations of the rain god Chac-Mool.

Arrive in Campeche at the end of the day. Option included: English speaking local guide for cenotes tour. Option included: Entrance fee to Uxmal. Option included: Lunch at Doña Ana home. Overnight stay at hotel Lopez. Standard room.

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Day 7 : Campeche

Travel to Chiapas

Today, take a trip down to Sabancuy, a beautiful fishing town. Tourists don’t come here very often and its peaceful atmosphere make it a perfect spot to relax at the seaside for an hour or two.

Then take the road to the south. We cross tens of kilometers of swamps against a backdrop of haciendas where the country’s bulls are raised.

Arrive in the late afternoon in Palenque, where the coolness of the tropical forest can be felt. Overnight stay at hotel La Aldea. Standard room.

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Day 8 : Palenque

Today, discover the most magical site in Mexico! Take a deep breath and enter a secret, deep and mysterious place… Welcome to Palenque!

Explore the Mayan city of Palenque

Departure from the hotel at 8:00AM (to avoid the crowds) for a visit of Palenque .

The Mayan site of Palenque has a light, delicate architecture of a size different from most Mayan ruins.

We will discover the incredible landscape of the surrounding jungle and the ruins that are hidden there!

Now, let’s make room for our imagination! Let’s go back in time and imagine this site when temples and palaces were covered with paintings and a crowd of people lived here and walked all around us! Option included: English speaking local guide in Palenque. Option included: Entrance fees to Palenque. Guided Tour in the Jungle

In the afternoon, meet with your guide for a beautiful adventure in ‘la selva’. Discover Mother Nature at the height of her splendor during a 2-hour hike amidst gigantic trees and beautiful plants. Take a refreshing moment near the waterfalls and, if luck is on your side, you might see howler monkeys.

Option included: English speaking guide in the jungle Overnight stay at hotel La Aldea. Standard room.

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Day 9 : Palenque

Put your observation skills and courage to the test! This day is dedicated to observing wild animals!

Ruins of Calakmul

Depart early this morning to travel to the archaeological site of Calakmul , located in the state of Campeche, at the heart of a biosphere reserve, home to numerous jaguars. This still quite unknown site is one of the jewels of the Mayan culture and was, at its peak, the direct rival of Tikal (Guatemala). Observe wildlife wandering freely on the site (toucans, monkeys, Oco pheasants). Jaguars usually prefer to wander at night, but who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky!

At the end of the day, arrive in Chicanna where you will spend the night. Overnight stay at the Chicanna Ecovillage hotel. Standard

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Day 10 : Chicanna

This morning, head for the Bacalar lagoon in the middle of the forest.

Bacalar: Lagoon of Seven Colours

The Laguna Bacalar is a 50-km (31 miles) long and 2-km (1.25 miles) wide lagoon, surrounded by a beautiful mangrove forest. It earned the nickname ‘the lake of seven colors’ for its incredible water color variations.

Let’s have some fun! The water is warm and soft (and salt free). Spend the afternoon at leisure, enjoying activities on the lagoon such as kayak, boat, catamaran tours (not included – contact us for more information). Overnight stay at the hotel Aires Bacalar. Standard

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Day 11 : Bacalar

Today, take your swim suit and towel with you and head out to meet the sea turtles!

Snorkeling with Turtles in Akumal

Head to Akumal , a small town between Tulum and Playa del Carmen. In the Mayan language, Akumal means ‘land of the turtles’. Here you will do some snorkeling to watch the numerous turtles that come, eat the abundant sponges in the bay, and lay their eggs on this pretty beach. The turtles are here all year long.

In the afternoon, it’s free time! Relax of have some fun at the beach, this is one of the most beautiful places to be!

Option included: Akumal snorkeling equipment (fins, mask, snorkel and lifejacket).

Then, travel to Tulum in the late afternoon. Overnight stay at the hotel Don Diego de la Selva. Family room (2 queen size beds).

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Day 12 : Tulum

White Sands and Turquoise Seas

Spend the day in the Magic Town of Tulum , either shopping in the small boutiques, strolling up the central street, relaxing on the white sand, swimming in the crystal clear blue, Caribbean waters or sampling some local seafood. Don’t forget to visit the archeaological site to the north of the main beach. This World Heritage Site sits on a cliff edge facing the Caribbean sea and witnessed the arrival of the first colonists. In 1518, the Spanish conquistador Juan de Grijalva set foot on the beach, under the stunned gaze of Batab (the Mayan governor of the time). Visit this ancient harbor, built in 1200, which disappeared at the end of the sixteenth century.

Note: transport not included on this day. Overnight stay at the hotel Don Diego de la Selva. Family room (2 queen size beds).

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Day 13 : Tulum

Hasta Luego Mexico!

It’s time to put your treasures in your suitcases!

Departure from the hotel by private transport 5 hours before departure time for a transfer to Cancun airport.

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