Adventure Challenge – Conquering Mexico

A unique and sporty trip

Get ready to take on the challenge with our Adventure Challenge!

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or looking to take a small step outside your comfort zone, this journey invites you to go beyond your usual limits.

Day after day, you’ll awaken your senses and treat yourself to unforgettable experiences. Every step is a new adventure, a new challenge, and a new victory to celebrate. Join us for an intense experience that will leave its mark on your adventurous spirit, and leave you with the greatest trophy of all: immense pride!


🏔️ Climb an iconic mountain
🏄 Surfing lessons on the Pacific coast
🛶 4-day kayak trip to Isla Espiritu Santo in the Sea of Cortés
🏙️ Discover the capital Mexico City
🌵 Superb beaches with turquoise waters fringed by cactus forests
🐬 Discover incredible flora and fauna
⛺️ Unusual and comfortable accommodations
🏜 Breathtaking landscapes
🚗 Freedom to travel with your own rental vehicle
🇫🇷 24-hour French-speaking assistance
🌟A team of experts dedicated to the smooth running of your stay before, during and after, offering you the best recommendations to make your trip an unforgettable one


Length of stay: 18 days

Kind: Dare to Venture Collection

Fix: Moderate

Countries visited: Mexico

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

Iztaccihuatl, Puebla, Mexico

La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico

Puerto San Carlos, BCS, Mexico

Loreto, BCS, Mexico

Isla Espiritu Santo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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Day 1 : Mexico

Welcome to México!

Arrive in the sprawling city of México.

Meet your driver at the airport and transfer to your hotel.


Overnight at Casa de la Luz Hotel Boutique. Estándar de la Luz room.

Includes: arrival transfer, room & breakfast.

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Day 2 : Mexico

Bike tour of the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods:

The guided bike tour lasts four hours during which we visit the Reforma Chapultepec corridor, the Juárez, Cuauhtemoc, Roma and Condesa neighborhoods as well as parks and plazas of general interest.

You stop to sample cocoa, chocolate, gourmet bakery and finally eat at “Tacos don Juan” where you have vegetarian and vegan options.

Tour ends at 2:00 pm


Overnight at Casa de la Luz Hotel Boutique. Estándar de la Luz room.

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Day 3 : Mexico

City tour of Mexico City

After breakfast, meet in the hotel lobby for a guided tour of the city, including the Zocalo, one of the largest squares in the world. The continent’s largest cathedral stands before you. Its three naves are home to numerous chapels dripping with gold, including the “Chapel of the Pardon”. This building stands on the exact spot where the great Aztec temple known as “Teocalli” once stood.

Next, you’ll head for the National Palace, seat of the President. It stands on the site of Moctezuma’s Palace, and features frescoes painted by Diego Riviera, the famous Mexican muralist. Then the Temple Mayor (exterior only), a remnant of the ancient Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan…a pre-Columbian temple in the middle of an urban jungle, surprising!


Magnificent Teotihuacan

Then off to the site of Teotihuacan. You’ll notice two major monuments, the Pyramids of the Moon and the Sun; the Temple of Quetzalcóatl, famous for its feathered serpent, as well as the Temple of the Feathered Snails and the Palace of the Jaguars. The “City of the Gods” dates back to the 7th century and, with its 200,000 inhabitants, was probably the most populous city in the world at the time.

You then stop off at an obsidian-cutting factory. Obsidian is a volcanic rock formed from lava that cooled so rapidly that it hardly crystallized at all. Your hosts will introduce you to the flavors of tequila.

End of the day at leisure.


Overnight at Casa de la Luz Hotel Boutique. Estándar de la Luz room.

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Day 4 : Iztaccihuatl

Ready for the challenge?

Iztaccíhuatl is Mexico’s third-highest mountain after Pico de Orizaba and Popocatépetl. Its name comes from the Nahuatl word for “white woman”. The mountain has three peaks, the highest of which rises to 5,286 m above sea level. They appear to form the head, chest and feet of a sleeping woman. Iztaccíhuatl, whose summit can be seen in good weather conditions, is just 70 km from Mexico City.


Departure in a small group from Mexico City (meeting time to be confirmed).

Arrival in Amecameca, final shopping and approach walk to the De Cortes refuge for lunch. Set up base camp for the night.


Lunch and dinner included.

Overnight in camp (4000m).

Included: excursion (grouped service), mountain guide, transport (grouped service).

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Day 5 : Iztaccihuatl

Ready for the challenge?

After a few hours’ rest, you break camp at around 1am.

You begin your ascent of Iztaccíhuatl. You’ll take your first break at the Refugio de los Cien (4750m) before reaching the first summit at 5060m (the “knee of Iztaccíhuatl”). You continue on to reach the second summit at 5230m (the “breast of Iztaccíhuatl”).


After a few spectacular photos at the summit, you begin the descent, then the road back to México.


Note 1 : The route of the ascent may be modified according to weather conditions.

Note 2 : 66 km stage – 2-hour journey from Mexico City to the start of the ascent.

Note 3 : Several groups are organized per week. Dates can be adapted according to weather conditions and your program.

Note 4 : Approx. 16km walk (according to route organized on D-day).


Overnight at Casa de la Luz Hotel Boutique. Estándar de la Luz room.

Includes: excursion (grouped service), guide (hike), transport (grouped service), room & breakfast.

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Day 6 : La Paz

Direction La Paz

Departure from the hotel by private transport 4 hours before take-off time for transfer to the airport.


FLIGHT Mexico City – La Paz

Arrival in La Paz


Arrive at the airport and hand over your vehicle at the rental counter. At the counter, you’ll be offered a more comprehensive insurance package. Please note that these can be expensive.


Relaxation day at Balandra beach

Suggested day trip:

We’ll take a trip to the magnificent Balandra beach. We’ll enjoy the turquoise sea and observe the strange “stone tree”. A relaxing day on the beach.


Return to La Paz at the end of the day.


Night at Hotel Catedral La Paz.

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Day 7 : Todos Santos

Morning departure for southern Baja California.

Founded in 1723, then virtually wiped off the map in 1734 by the Pericu revolt, Mision Santa Rosa de Todos Santos survived until it was abandoned in 1840. Over the centuries, the trapiches (sugar mills) have contributed to the wealth of this small town.


You’ll pass by the famous Hotel California, a worldwide hit for the legendary band Eagles.


Overnight at Hotel Los Colibris Casitas.

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Day 8 : Todos Santos

Explore Todos Santos

Free day in Todos Santos. This quiet village was awarded the “Magic Village of Mexico” label in 2006.


Take a stroll through the streets, where art galleries and handicraft stores abound. Todos Santos is one of the towns with the highest concentration of art galleries in Mexico, and many artists have made the town their home.


Its freshwater lagoon surrounded by palm trees and the waves breaking on kilometers of deserted beach will seduce you.


This afternoon, we propose a new challenge.


Discover the art of taming the waves:

Today we invite you to immerse yourself in the pleasure of surfing during a private surf lesson along the Pacific coast.

Benefit from the expertise of a professional who will share his expert advice to help you ride the waves in complete safety.


This unique experience takes place at Playa Los Cerritos, a renowned surfing beach in Baja California.

Session duration: approx. 2 hours.


Overnight at Hotel Los Colibris Casitas.

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Day 9 : Todos Santos

Explore Todos Santos

Free day in Todos Santos.

Horseback riding:

Baja California Sur has a strong ranchero culture, and horseback riding in and around Todos Santos is a great way to experience some of that culture, as well as the region’s beautiful wildlife ecosystems and habitats.

Our guides are not only experienced riders, but also passionate ornithologists and naturalists who love to share their local knowledge. Morning and afternoon rides are available for riders of all levels.


Overnight at Hotel Los Colibris Casitas.

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Day 10 : Puerto San Carlos

Through Baja California

Early morning departure for northern Baja California, heading for Puerto San Carlos. The road winds its way through the ochre and reddish mountains of Sierra La Giganta before reaching the plains.


Overnight at Hotel Villas Mar y Arena.

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Day 11 : Loreto

The whales of Bahia Magdalena

Welcome to Magdalena Bay, world-renowned for its large pelagic underwater fauna.

During the whale migration season, Bahia Magdalena is considered a mecca for sightings of the beautiful gray whale. The sighting of this mammal is one of the most powerful experiences you can have in Mexico, and the great attraction of the winter season. Thousands of gray whales come to mate and give birth to calves between January and April, before heading back north for the summer.

Join us for a 3-hour boat trip to observe the whales in their natural habitat. From the Bering Sea, they come by the thousands to breed in the calm waters of Baja California.


In the early afternoon, we head for Loreto, a charming little town wedged between sea and mountains. Weather permitting, you can enjoy a swim in the Sea of Cortés, a sanctuary for sea lions, giant tortoises and hammerhead sharks.


Overnight at Hotel Posada del Cortes.

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Day 12 : Loreto

Boat trip to Isla Coronado

This morning we board a “lancha” for an excursion to “Isla Coronados” in the Sea of Cortés, named “Aquarium of the World” by Jacques Cousteau. This stretch of volcanic land is home to a varied underwater fauna. We’ll see dolphins and, if we’re lucky, a blue whale.


For the more courageous, swimming with sea lions is a unique experience. Give it a try, it’s a risk-free activity. It’s also a sanctuary for many birds that have chosen it as their refuge during the northern winter months. Swimming on a small beach with crystal-clear waters, ideal for snorkeling.


Picnic break on the beach (included).


Return to Loreto in early afternoon.

Overnight at Hotel Posada del Cortes.

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Day 13 : La Paz

Tabor Canyon hike:

Departure at 6:30 a.m. for a 3-hour excursion to discover the impressive Tabor Canyon.

Tabor Canyon is an oasis in the heart of the Sierra “La Giganta”, where you can enjoy magnificent scenery and discover the wonders of the region’s flora and fauna.

During the September rainy season, you can take advantage of several small natural pools in colorful shades of green to cool off!


Afternoon off the beaten track inland :

In the early afternoon, set off for Mission San Javier, the jewel of Baja California’s missions. The road winds through the peninsula’s arid, mountainous terrain to reach San Javier, set in the heart of an oasis.

The Jesuits founded their first mission here in 1699. The present building dates from 1744. We walk through the gardens behind the mission, where oranges, lemons and mangoes grow. We recommend that you buy some exotic fruit empanadas in the village… Delicious!


Road to La Paz

Overnight at Hotel Catedral La Paz

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Day 14 : Espiritu Santo Island

Ready for the challenge?

Get up at the crack of dawn this morning to take on the latest and greatest challenge.


An exciting 4-day kayaking adventure

Morning departure for Isla Espiritu Santo, a nature reserve and island paradise nestled between desert, sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. This place is also a marvel in terms of marine life, being one of the major centers of interest in the Sea of Cortés. You’ll have the opportunity to observe sea lions, dolphins, whales (especially between December and March), Mobula rays, coral fish and much more.


Take full advantage of this unique wilderness experience on a 4-day excursion accompanied by professionals, including an English-speaking naturalist guide, who will lead you through the island’s surroundings, allowing you to discover its natural splendors.


Arriving on the island’s outskirts in the early afternoon, climb aboard your kayak for your first crossing along the spectacular volcanic cliffs. Along the sandy beaches, where you’ll have the opportunity to set up camp in the late afternoon.


Please note:

Beginner/intermediate level
approx. 3h00 kayaking per day
minimum age: 6 years
Between October and May
Wetsuit, snorkeling gear and sleeping bag extra.


Overnight in a tent on the beach.

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Day 15 : Espiritu Santo Island

Ready for a challenge?

Explore a new stretch of coastline by kayak, with small offshore islands that are home to numerous nesting seabirds. Isla Espiritu Santo is also one of the most important nesting sites for seabirds in the region.


Pass from bay to bay, between impressive canyons and fine sandy beaches. You’ll have plenty of free time to hike into the interior of the island and explore the amazing rock formations and fascinating flora.


Enjoy the most beautiful island in the Gulf of Baja California.


Overnight in a tent on a new beach.

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Day 16 : Espiritu Santo Island

Ready for the challenge?

Today, kayak to the northern tip of the island, passing through Isla Partida and setting up camp in the breathtakingly beautiful Ensenada Grande Bay.


Playa Ensenada Grande has been voted Mexico’s most beautiful beach. Set in a nature reserve, it hasn’t been overrun by hordes of tourists and has retained its charm.


You’ll have time to snorkel every day and marvel at one of the world’s most diverse “natural aquariums”.


Overnight in a tent in Ensenada Grande.

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Day 17 : La Paz

Aquatic experience

You’ll take a boat ride to Isla Lobos, an exquisite offshore islet, home to one of the largest sea lion colonies in Baja California.


Here, you can enjoy the incredible experience of swimming with baby sea lions and snorkeling among thousands of tropical fish.

Lunch at the camp, then pack up to return to La Paz mid-afternoon.


Note: impossible to swim with sea lions during breeding season (June-August).

Overnight at Hotel Catedral La Paz

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Day 18 : La Paz

End of the challenge

Departure from hotel by private transport 3 hours before take-off time for transfer to La Paz airport.


Transfer included.

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