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Dare to Venture

Terra Maya, member of Panamerica by Terra, takes you on an extraordinary journey. “Dare to Venture” is a collection that invites you to explore, to feel, to surpass yourself. Travel differently, get out of your comfort zone, experience the unprecedented and let yourself be surprised by breathtaking landscapes, incredible encounters and memorable stories. Let’s go on the adventure you never thought possible!

Our collection is designed around three challenges, each offering unique and innovative adventures, but also essential visits to our destinations.


🏄‍♂️ The Adventure Challenge:

For those ready to prove to themselves what they’re capable of, our sports tour invites you to go beyond your usual limits. Embark on a volcano climb, a multi-day water trek or a bike ride through unforgettable landscapes. By pushing your limits, you’ll discover new and unique sensations. Get ready for an adventure where every effort reveals new strength and exciting freedom.


🌮 The Immersive Challenge:

For curious travelers who dream of diving into the heart of a destination and its cultures, but are reluctant to stray off the beaten track, our immersive tour is an open door to adventure. The activities we’ve concocted allow you to discover Mexico and connect with its people and stories. With us, dare to take the plunge into remote villages, jungles and ancestral traditions. You’re not just a spectator, but a protagonist of local life, discovering, learning and sharing within the communities. This trip is a chance to truly understand, to fully feel, and to be enriched by every story and every moment shared.


🧘‍♀️ The Wellness Challenge:

In our hyper-connected world, sometimes the ultimate luxury is to disconnect.

Our disconnection tours are designed to offer you peaceful retreats, moments of meditation, yoga sessions in front of relaxing panoramas, and gentle walks. They encourage you to slow down, take a deep breath and reconnect with yourself in magnificent natural settings. Embark on a journey where tranquility reigns supreme and every moment invites introspection and self-discovery.



🌱 Responsible Travel

At Panamerica by Terra, we believe that travel should benefit both the traveler and the destination. That’s why every tour is designed with respect and sustainability in mind. By choosing “Dare to Venture”, you are opting for a way of traveling that favors authentic encounters, supports local economies and preserves the natural and cultural beauty of the places you visit.


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